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Example Course Titles

Although we are more than happy to tailor a course to your specific needs, it may help to see some titles that are ready to go!

Postgraduate Skills and Development

  • Academic writing with style

  • Giving presentations with impact

  • Using creativity to tackle research problems

  • Understanding personality preferences in research with MBTI

  • Understanding how academic teams can succeed with Belbin Team Roles

  • Preparing for your PhD viva

  • Writing your PhD thesis

  • Managing the final year of your PhD

  • Writing the first year report of your PhD

Skills for the Workplace

  • Presentations with impact

  • Bridging communication barriers with NVC (Nonviolent Communication)


Personality and Behaviour Tools

  • Improving your work teams with Belbin Team Roles

  • Understanding yourself and others better with the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

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