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Online Learning

In response to the international lockdown in Spring 2020, many workshops are now available online. Using an online meeting platform means that instead of turning into passive webinars or static content, our online workshops remain as interactive and engaging as ever.

Workshops that have already run are listed below but if there is a workshop that you would like to be run online, please get in touch to discuss it.


Skills for the workplace

  • Improving your leadership with Belbin Team Roles

  • Active listening and negotiation skills

  • Building wellbeing (using LEGO® Serious Play®)

  • Remote wellbeing (using LEGO® Serious Play®)

Academic Skills

  • Managing the final year of your PhD and looking forward

  • Writing for your PhD and beyond

Advice for Online Participants

If you are signed up to a forthcoming online workshop, please click the button below to read over our advice page to help you get the most from the workshop. 

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