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Time Management


QMUL Skills Award

Wednesday 10 February 2016

1000 - 1230


Thank you for signing up to the Time Management workshop.


You may be interested to know that there is a Project Management workshop in the afternoon of the same day. The two topics are very closely linked because better time management can help us to manage projects better. You can find out about the Project Management workshop from the Student Union.


Pre-course Work

There are two short tasks I would like you to complete before you come to the workshop. One of the tasks is a Time Log over one week, so make sure you start this at least one week before the workshop! But please don't worry - it's only a very short task on each day. It's about recording where you spent your time over each of the days.


1. Time Log

It is useful to understand the ways that you currently use your time through using a time log. Do this over seven days before the workshop. You will need to download and print off a blank time log by clicking on the link below;




The time log includes intructions on how to use it. Bring your completed time log to the Time Management workshop.



2. Pre-course Questionnaire

In the link below you will find a questionnaire about time management. Please complete this by 2300 on 8 February 2016. This questionnaire should only take you 5 minutes and will help me learn about your experience of managing projects so I can tailor the materials to meet your needs.




If you have any questions, contact me through the menu at the top of this website. You can also find the link to my LinkedIn profile if you want to know a bit more about me.


Best wishes,



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